Anti-Aging Solution Review

A woman’s life is reinvigorated when she takes charge of her hormones. Often we have women come to our office who have ignored their
hormones, and they are not happy campers. Time and time again, we witness lives gloriously renewed because women are now becoming
educated about hormonal changes, and doing something about it.

As people age (both women and men), hormone levels begin not only to diminish, but also the hormones that remain, weak as they are, surge
out of balance. Hormones must be replenished and balanced for optimum health. A woman who has had a hysterectomy or has passed into
menopause is a prime candidate for the rewards of proper hormone balancing.


When the hormone levels are properly balanced, the body immediately reaps the benefits, because Natural Bio-Identical Hormones can be
expected to:

1. Slow the aging processes
2. Increase energy levels
3. Improve breast health, including protection against malignant change
4. Increase bone density – even reversing osteoporosis
5. Diminish hot flashes
6. Protect against breast and uterine cancer
7. Maintain cardiac and arterial health
8. Delay and even prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
9. Return the pleasures of intimate sexual encounters
10. Slow or even reverse the growth of uterine fibroids

The good news is that female hormones can be safely replaced without the use of the detrimental synthetic hormones (Premarin, Prempro, and
Patches) which we have all heard about on the news. Hormonal depletions can be restored with completely natural hormone therapy. We use only
natural hormones which are NOT considered to be carcinogenic, are bio-identical with the natural hormones of the body, and are very effective!
We custom formulate natural hormone regimens for each individual patient.

What is HRT made of?
We work closely with a knowledgeable compounding pharmacy who prepares and packages hormone creams according to our instructions. The
natural estrogens, estriol and estradiol, are normally available in the USA only from compounding pharmacies through prescriptions by physicians.
They are not usually found in traditional pharmacies or health food stores. (When they are found in health food stores, they are not strong
enough to be prescription strength. If they were, the FDA would quickly step in to call them “drugs” and require prescriptions.) The hormones
used in the cream are derived from wild yams (progesterones) and soy (estrogens). These hormones are natural to the hormones in the female
body. They are not synthetic, and they are not carcinogenic. (We no longer replace estrones (found in tri-est preparations), because they do
have a carcinogenic tendency. Besides, your body will produce some of the beneficial estrones – the 2-hydroxy – from the natural hormones in the
prescribed creams.)

Each cream is made to fit each woman’s own hormonal needs. Tests are done so we know what amounts of each ingredient best suit each
individual patient. The hormone cream comes in a tube with an accompanying applicator. A two-month supply is contained within each tube, and
it can be applied to the skin or a mucous membrane for greater absorption.

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